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Monthly Drawing Winner!

Congratulations to March's Monthly winner! Thank you for referring your friends and family to us. We are always grateful for our patients support! 

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Monthly Drawing Winner!

Congratulations to April's Monthly winner! Thank you for referring your friends & family to us. We are always grateful for our patients support! Don't forget to refer us to your family & friends to enter in our monthly drawing.

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How Six Month Smiles Works So Fast

If you see your smile in pictures and you are disappointed by crooked teeth, you might have thought about orthodontics to improve your smile and self-confidence. Sometimes lengthy treatment options are unappealing or inconvenient.

We offer cosmetic braces to improve your smile using the innovative technology called Six Month Smiles in Montrose. You might be wondering how moving teeth so quickly is even possible, but it is!

Dr. Ken Cory and our highly trained staff will be happy to discuss this as an option for you. In the meantime, here is some valuable information about how Six Months Smiles works.

Six Month Smiles Uses Braces

The braces used in Six Month Smiles are similar ...

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3 Ways Our Montrose Dental Office Helps Keep You Comfortable

You have your choice of dentists in our area, but making sure that your family feels comfortable during and after your visit is an important aspect of choosing the right dentist for you. We prioritize patient comfort so that you can enjoy a stress-free appointment, making Dr. Ken Cory your Montrose best dentist choice for every member of your family.

Compassion and Kindness

If you have ever been to a doctor or dental office where the person greeting you barely looks up and asks for your date of birth and insurance card as soon as you walk in the door, you know it makes you feel pretty unimportant.

Whether you come to Mountain ...

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Congratulations to this months winner! Thank you for referring your friends and family to us. We always appreciate the support. 

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Experiencing These Symptoms? A Root Canal Can Give You Relief

Root Canal Symptoms | Montrose CO Dentist

Tooth pain is alarming and dental emergencies can disrupt sleep, work, and weekend plans. Often, tooth pain begins with a dull ache that is easy to ignore and then suddenly, it’s apparent that a dentist needs to have a look.

We treat dental emergencies, including root canals, in our Montrose, CO dental office. While a comprehensive exam is necessary to determine the type of dentistry that will relieve your pain, certain symptoms point toward root canal treatment as a possibility.

Inflammation (Swelling) 

You might notice that your face, cheek, jaw, or gum tissue is visibly swollen or feels tight. Inflammation is a sign of infection. As you might be aware, having an ...

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Monthly Drawing Winner!

Winner | Montrose CO Dentist

Congratulations to this months winner. We always appreciate the support from all our patients! Thank you for referring people to our office. Don't forget to refer, you might be the next winner!

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