Children's Dentist in Montrose, CO

Children's Dentist Montrose | Montrose CO DentistStarting kids off at a young age is important to creating a foundation of good dental health. Early childhood dental care may seem like an easy task – just brushing and flossing – but kids can develop problems at an early age. Building good dental habits and preventative care routines is important. Think of it just like having regular medical exams. While nothing may be wrong, making sure everything is going right is essential to long-term health and wellness.

At Mountain West Smiles, we start seeing kids around the age of four. At four years old, your child will have many of their teeth and need a check-up to make sure all is well.

Your Child’s First Appointment

Your child’s first appointment will give us a baseline and help us to develop a relationship with them. Because we want your little one to feel completely comfortable, we will spend some time teaching them about the different instruments of our dental office. This initial introductory time will help acclimate your child to the sights and sounds of the dental office.

Once we get your child settled in, Dr. Ken Cory will do a pediatric exam, looking for any problems and also making sure that your child’s dental health is progressing on time. He will also look for decay, which can occur at any age.

When Dr. Cory finishes, our professional dental hygienist will perform a pediatric dental cleaning for your child, polishing their teeth and making sure that all of the surfaces are clean.

Dental Decay (Caries) Prevention

The most common childhood disease is dental decay (caries). Fortunately, advancements in prevention have brought us a long way toward reducing and eliminating decay. All good prevention starts with excellent home care. Until about the age of eight, you will need to brush and floss for your child. They simply do not have the dexterity to do it on their own. We can show you techniques and methods to help keep your child’s teeth clean.

Regular dental exams and professional cleanings are important to the care of your child’s teeth. These appointments allow us to remove any calculus, check for gum disease, dental decay, and any other conditions that arise. Finding problems early can reduce treatment severity and cost.

Early Childhood Dental Treatment

If we do find a cavity that needs our attention, we will treat your child gently and efficiently because we know that children have limited attention spans. Dr. Ken Cory is good with kids and enjoys working with our youngest patients.

Schedule Your Child’s First Visit Today

Is it time for your child to have their first dental visit? Give us a call! We are currently accepting new patients of all ages at our Montrose dental office. We look forward to seeing you and your family.