Root Canals in Montrose, CO

Occasionally a tooth suffers trauma, decay, or infection and requires root canal therapy in order to save it. Patients tend to associate root canal therapy with pain, but root canals are no more painful than any other type of procedure. Unfortunately, patients often do not realize they need a root canal until they experience discomfort and sensitivity.

At Dr. Ken Cory’s office, your comfort is our number one concern. Keeping patients pain-free and healthy is our commitment. In order to determine if you need a root canal, Dr. Ken Cory needs to perform an exam. We will take an x-ray because we can sometimes see abscesses or root damage using x-rays that would not be visible otherwise.

Root Canal Montrose | Dentist Montrose COWhat Is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy removes the damaged or infected nerve inside your tooth. If we determine that you could benefit from a root canal, we will make sure you feel completely numb for the procedure. Because we need access to your root’s nerve, Dr. Cory needs to make a small hole in your tooth. He will clean out the damaged nerve and infection, and then sterilize your tooth to prevent complications.

Once he removes the damaged material, Dr. Cory may place additional medication inside the canal to protect it. Then, he will fill it with an inert material and seal your tooth. After your root canal, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure you heal properly.

Root Canal Teeth and Dental Crowns

In the event you need a root canal, we may recommend a dental crown to protect your tooth. Once a tooth has a root canal, it becomes brittle and more susceptible to cracks. A crown provides extra support for chewing and helps protect your tooth from damage. Because dental crowns completely cover your tooth, they reduce the likelihood that normal day-to-day usage will cause more damage and possibly require an extraction.

Why Save a Damaged Tooth?

It may seem easier to just remove a troublesome tooth than to spend time and money trying to save it. However, replacing a missing tooth is often more expensive and challenging than saving your natural tooth and protecting it with a dental crown.

If your tooth is not visible when you talk or smile, you may be tempted to avoid replacing it, but leaving a gap between your teeth can create bigger dental problems, including malocclusion (a bad bite), shifting teeth, bone loss, and additional tooth loss.

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Did someone tell you that you needed a root canal or do you have pain, sensitivity, tenderness, or swelling? We can evaluate your dental problem and provide solutions to support your oral health. Dr. Ken Cory and our Mountain West Smiles dental team look forward to welcoming you to our Montrose dental office.