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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cosmetic Dentistry

How can we help you?

We know that when you are looking for a new dental office, you have many questions about what it will be like as a patient in our practice.

Please feel free to browse some of the most common questions here, and if you do not see your question listed or you just want more information, please give us a call.

Cosmetic Dentistry

orthodontics montrose co | six month smiles montrose co At Mountain West Smiles, we offer Six Month Braces for our patients’ orthodontic needs. Six Month Braces allows our patients to have orthodontic treatment without the commitment of years. The average treatment takes approximately six months.

Because we move your teeth gradually using special memory wires, they move more quickly. We don’t use more force; actually, we use less force, causing less resistance from the ligaments that hold your teeth in place. Many patients report being more comfortable with Six Month Braces than with traditional orthodontics, and it addresses many of the same conditions.

More Comfort, Less Commitment

Six Month Braces uses attractive clear and white brackets and wires that blend in better than traditional dental hardware. We know many of our adult patients prefer to keep their orthodontic treatment as brief and invisible as possible.

Six Month Braces can treat underbites, overbites, crossbites, crooked or crowded teeth, and occlusal issues. Dr. Ken Cory can look at your specific orthodontic condition and let you know if Six Month Braces is a good choice for you.

If you want to know if Six Month Braces are right for your specific case, call our Montrose dental office and schedule an evaluation with Dr. Ken Cory. He can answer all of your questions about your treatment and your options. 

free dental consultation montrose coDr. Ken Cory understands that starting out at a new dental office can create anxiety. After all, it is a leap of faith to meet someone and five minutes later, have them looking around inside your mouth. Choosing a dentist is a matter of personal choice, preferences, and connection. You should feel like you are supported and that you and your dentist share good communication as well as a relationship founded on trust. 

That is why we offer free consultations at Mountain West Smiles. A consultation can provide you with an opportunity to get to know Dr. Cory and our dental team. We can answer some of your questions about how our office works, the services we provide, and our financial policies. A free consultation is a good way to determine if your office feels like a good fit for you.

Without a complete dental exam, we won’t be able to answer specific questions about your treatment. We can’t do that without seeing what you actually have going on, so if you want to get started right away or you are experiencing a dental emergency, an exam may be better for you.

Give us a call to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.


cosmetic dentist montrose coYes! 

At Mountain West Smiles, we know that the appearance of your teeth matters just as much as their health. Teeth that are discolored, small, chipped, or unusually shaped may make you feel self-conscious and cause you to hide your smile, which can have the unfortunate result of making you seem distant or unfriendly. We want you to be able to let your smile shine with confidence, and we offer cosmetic dentistry procedures – like porcelain veneers – to help you do just that. 

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a highly versatile cosmetic treatment that can conceal and reshape a single troublesome tooth or completely transform your entire smile. The dental-grade porcelain that is used is incredibly similar to your own dental enamel, so much so that nobody will ever know that they are looking at a veneer and not your own natural tooth. 

Our goal is to give you a smile that you love and that you are proud to show off. In addition to veneers, we can also consider other cosmetic options, depending on your specific needs and goals. The best way to find out which treatment is right for you is to call our Montrose dental office and schedule a cosmetic consult with Dr. Cory. 

teeth whitening montrose coWhether or not to whiten your teeth is completely dependent upon how you feel about your smile, your dental health, and whether teeth whitening would work for you. If you are unhappy with the color of your smile, Dr. Cory can help you determine if your oral health is good enough for dental whitening and what to expect as an outcome.

Tobacco use, food, and beverages can stain your teeth over time. Whitening toothpaste and rinses may provide some improvement, but will not likely get your teeth as white as you wish.

Why Whiten Your Teeth?

Custom professional teeth whitening systems, like the one we offer at Mountain West Smiles, can dramatically improve the brightness of your smile in just a couple of weeks. Best of all, you can save your whitening trays for touch-ups later.

Teeth whitening is easy and affordable. With just a couple of dental impressions, we will create your custom whitening trays and provide you with enough whitening gel to get the job done. We will explain how to use your trays and how to avoid common side effects like gum soreness and teeth sensitivity. We will also record a before and after shade, so you can see your overall progress.

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