Same Day Crowns in Montrose, CO

Montrose CO DentistDental crowns support your teeth by stabilizing them and by protecting a compromised tooth structure.

At Mountain West smiles, we take advantage of technology to make our patients' treatment easier and more convenient. One of the most popular procedures we offer is same-day crowns, utilizing CEREC (chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics) technology.

Traditionally, dental crowns required at least two appointments. The first appointment was to prepare your tooth for your dental crown and to provide you with a functional temporary crown. Then, the dentist would send away to a dental lab for a permanent crown, and it could take up to a month for your permanent crown to come back. At that point, your dentist would attach your permanent crown and make any final adjustments.

If you need dental crowns, but do not want inconvenient, repeat treatment appointments, CEREC same-day crowns may be a great option for you. Once Dr. Cory performs a complete evaluation of your tooth in question, he can provide all of your treatment options regarding restorations.

How CEREC Works

We will first prep your tooth by gently removing enough of the tooth structure to make room for your dental crown. This process is necessary because crowns fit directly over your natural tooth, protecting it from day-to-day wear like chewing and teeth grinding.

Dr. Ken Cory will take digital impressions of your tooth and additional measurements of your chewing surface and the relationship to opposing and adjacent teeth. Once all of the imaging is complete, Dr. Cory feeds that information into specially-designed software.

Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) make same-day crowns a possibility. This 3D technology utilizes digital imaging to create a crown that fits perfectly.

CEREC technology mills your permanent crown out of a custom-colored ceramic block in under 15 minutes. Dr. Cory can further customize your dental crown by polishing it or adding any shading necessary for it to match your natural teeth before he attaches it permanently to your tooth structure.

Dr. Cory will make any final adjustments to your crown to ensure a comfortable fit and healthy bite.


Other Uses for CEREC Technology

Because of its versatility, CEREC technology successfully creates other dental ceramics such as veneers, onlays, fillings, and inlays. Its accuracy makes treatment easier and more accurate.

This technology eliminates the need for metal restorations, providing our patients with realistic-looking dentistry in a more economical and timely fashion.

Need Dental Crowns? Give Us a Call!

If you need dental crowns and want to take care of your treatment in a shorter time while still obtaining beautiful, natural-looking dentistry, call our Montrose, CO dental office to schedule an evaluation. Our highly skilled dental team looks forward to welcoming you to our office.