Dental Implants in Montrose, CO

Dental Implants Montrose | Dentist Montrose COWhen you lose teeth, it can be a blow to your self-esteem as well as your health. While losing a tooth is never ideal and we do our best to retain your natural teeth, occasionally tooth loss happens. That is why Dr. Ken Cory places and restores dental implants in our Montrose dental office.

Your jawbone and teeth have a dependent relationship. When you lose a tooth, your jawbone may start to recede because your tooth is no longer present as its anchor. When your jawbone recedes, it may destabilize your remaining teeth, causing them to shift or tilt and create problems for your bite.

In fact, tooth loss could create a chain reaction in your mouth and lead to one problem after another. That is why dental implants provide the best tooth replacement option available. They address not only the aesthetics and function of tooth loss but may also prevent bone loss.

Dental Implant Placement

Planning for tooth replacement prior to any extraction is ideal, but we realize it is not always possible. Contacting us as soon as possible after your extraction is beneficial. The sooner we can plan your implant placement, the better.

Implants are manufactured from biocompatible metals such as titanium and eventually integrate with your natural bone via a process called osseointegration. Dr. Cory will surgically place your implant directly into your jawbone. While it may sound scary, you won’t feel a thing because our team will make sure you are completely comfortable for every procedure in our dental office.

We wait for your implant to fully integrate with your bone, for the best results. This healing time (from a month to six months) promotes your implant’s strength and longevity. When your implant is strong and healthy, Dr. Ken Cory will uncover your dental implant and place a healing cap on it. This allows your gums time to heal and prepares them for your implant restoration.

Once your gums heal, we take the final step by placing your custom porcelain crown on top of your implant and make any remaining adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

Dental Implants Are Practical

After we place your dental implant crown, you can chew and eat normally. Dental implants are very easy to care for and to keep clean because they are so much like your natural tooth. You can brush and floss normally. In fact, it is important that you do so because healthy gums are essential to the success of your dental implants.

Follow-up preventative care is also important. We will monitor your dental health and examine your implants closely, making sure no problems arise. Your professional dental cleaning is great insurance for your dental implant. With proper care, your dental implant could last decades and allow you to eat and smile confidently.

Call Us for an Implant Evaluation

Do you think dental implants might be right for you? Give us a call, schedule an evaluation and allow our Mountain West Smiles team to answer all of your dental implant questions and find out if they are the correct tooth replacement option for you.