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Experiencing These Symptoms? A Root Canal Can Give You Relief

January 27, 2018
Posted By: Mountain West Smiles
Root Canal Symptoms | Montrose CO Dentist

Tooth pain is alarming and dental emergencies can disrupt sleep, work, and weekend plans. Often, tooth pain begins with a dull ache that is easy to ignore and then suddenly, it’s apparent that a dentist needs to have a look.

We treat dental emergencies, including root canals, in our Montrose, CO dental office. While a comprehensive exam is necessary to determine the type of dentistry that will relieve your pain, certain symptoms point toward root canal treatment as a possibility.

Inflammation (Swelling) 

You might notice that your face, cheek, jaw, or gum tissue is visibly swollen or feels tight. Inflammation is a sign of infection. As you might be aware, having an active infection within the body is cause for concern. Infection travels fast and can have an impact on other organs. Seeking treatment immediately can protect your health.

A Discolored Tooth

A sports injury or any trauma to the face may affect a tooth and cause it to become dark. You should have this checked out since discoloration can indicate a root fracture or damaged nerve. We offer some alternatives, including root canal treatment and dental crowns in our Montrose dental practice.

If the root is severely damaged, an extraction may be the only solution. Not to worry. We provide comfortable extractions and many tooth-replacement options.

Tooth Sensitivity

While an infection can be irritated by both hot and cold liquids and foods, sensitivity to heat, in particular, is a sign that root canal therapy may be necessary. Heat tends to aggravate already inflamed tissue, and the feeling may be magnified when infection is present.

Pus Near the Gumline

Pus near the gumline or oozing from a small bump on the gums is called a fistula. A fistula is the body’s way of releasing the pressure from an infection. It may have a bad taste or cause bad breath.

Root Canal Treatment in Montrose, Colorado

For more information about root canals, contact your Montrose dentist today. Dr. Ken Cory will provide fast and gentle treatment to have you feeling like yourself again.

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