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3 Steps We Take to Keep Your Child Comfortable at the Dental Office

February 28, 2017
Posted By: Mountain West Smiles
Children's Dentist Montrose

Looking for a children’s dentist in Montrose can raise many questions about who will give your child the very best care possible. We know that kids are precious to their parents, and they are precious to us, as well. Many of our team members are parents, so we intimately understand the dilemma that you’re facing.

At Mountain West Smiles, we like to make patients comfortable. Here are three ways that we help your child feel comfortable at the dentist:

#1 – We Use Kid-Friendly Language

Using adult words in a kid universe is not an effective way to put your little one at ease. Kids are often curious, and we explain everything in a way that they will understand. We even demonstrate some of what they can expect during treatment, eliminating the fear of the unknown.

Using the tell-show-do technique not only puts kids at ease, but it also helps them feel like they are participating in their own care. We make it fun, and Dr. Cory is extremely gentle. One visit will let your little one know that they have nothing to fear.

#2 – We Make Dentistry Fun!

Dentistry does not have to be a drag, especially for little ones. Most of them find our Montrose dental office interesting and full of friendly faces that love kid visits. By being enthusiastic about demonstrating good oral hygiene and helping your child take charge of their own smile, a trip to the dentist becomes a welcome adventure.

#3 – Experience Matters!

Dr. Ken Cory is experienced when it comes to treating children. His kind nature, skilled approach to care, and gentle nature gives kids confidence in their visits. Children are perceptive, and having an adult they trust in charge of their dentistry puts them at ease.

If you are searching for a children’s dentist in Montrose, why not choose a dentist who can treat the whole family? Call Mountain West Smiles today!

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