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We Can Craft Dentures That Exceed Patient Expectations!

December 27, 2017
Posted By: Mountain West Smiles
Older Couple | Custom Dentures in Montrose

If you have experienced tooth loss, you’re probably weighing your options to determine the best way to replace your missing teeth. Overlooking dentures might be tempting, especially if you had parents or grandparents with the old-fashioned dentures that looked boxy and fake. Dentures of the past posed some problems when it came to fit and esthetics, but today’s dentures actually exceed expectations, according to a recent study.

Modern materials and advancements in the way dentures are made make it possible for patients to enjoy greater comfort, improved fit, and a natural appearance. Dr. Ken Cory understands both bite and jaw function, which impacts how dentures function.

Partial dentures replace some missing teeth and attach to natural teeth for greater stability. It’s important to match the partial denture to patients’ teeth for a seamless appearance. Dr. Ken Cory has extensive experience and a skilled approach to making sure that your dentures blend in with your smile while opening the door to eating a wider variety of foods for better overall health.

Complete, or full, dentures replace an entire arch of teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or the whole mouth. They rely on the bony structures of the jaw and healthy gum tissue to remain in place. As with partials, we take great care to ensure that your dentures look natural and give you confidence.

For patients who have difficulty with slipping dentures, due to bone loss or because of the geography of their mouths, dental implants will lock the denture in place. This makes it possible to eat a wide variety of foods and to laugh freely without the concern of an embarrassing denture malfunction.

We also offer dental bridges and dental implants as alternative options for patients who want to complete their smiles without dentures.

For more information on modern dentures, contact our Montrose dental office. Dr. Ken Cory and our entire team will help you achieve your goals for your teeth and oral health. 

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