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What is the wisdom tooth extraction process?

If you are a teen or young adult, or the parent of one, you might have wisdom teeth on your mind. After all, it’s practically a rite of passage for kids on the brink of adulthood to have their wisdom teeth removed.Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Montrose CO Dentist

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to make sure that your wisdom teeth should be extracted. Not all wisdom teeth cause symptoms or problems. If you are lucky enough to keep yours, be sure to clean them diligently. They can decay and gum disease can develop easily because they are hard to reach.

Here are the steps to removing wisdom teeth:

  • Evaluation and x-rays
  • Planning for surgery
  • Removing the wisdom teeth
  • Follow-up appointment

We know that many patients can feel apprehensive about their wisdom teeth. Dr. Ken Cory is gentle and will make sure you stay comfortable throughout your procedure and give you detailed post-treatment instructions to ensure successful healing.

Leaving wisdom teeth untreated could lead to an abscess, overcrowding, and pain. It’s always best to have an evaluation so you have the best information for your oral health.

For more information about wisdom teeth extractions, contact our Montrose dental office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Ken Cory. 

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