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How can I protect my child from cavities?

children's dentist montrose coCavities remain the most common dental condition that affects children. Parents often feel hopeless to protect their kids because they rely on brushing and flossing alone to do the trick. The fact is that until the age of about eight or so, your child will still need help with brushing and flossing because they lack the dexterity to do it on their own.

In addition to outstanding home care, regular professional cleanings and exams are essential to cavity prevention. No matter how much you brush, you cannot reach every surface of their teeth. A professional cleaning will allow our hygienist to remove any remaining plaque that could cause cavities. Regular exams will alert us to any potential problems that arise.

Fluoride and Dental Sealants

If your child has a history of tooth decay, we can offer additional treatments such as fluoride or dental sealants to protect their teeth. Fluoride helps to strengthen enamel and prevent decay, while dental sealants create a barrier between food particles and the deep grooves of your child’s teeth. Both are affordable and proven to reduce cavities.

Dr. Ken Cory is experienced in children’s dentistry and offers comprehensive, gentle dental care. By bringing in your child at a young age, we can help you start them off with excellent oral health. Dr. Cory will work with you on techniques to help keep your little one’s smile bright and healthy!

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