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We Can Craft Dentures That Exceed Patient Expectations!

Older Couple | Custom Dentures in Montrose

If you have experienced tooth loss, you’re probably weighing your options to determine the best way to replace your missing teeth. Overlooking dentures might be tempting, especially if you had parents or grandparents with the old-fashioned dentures that looked boxy and fake. Dentures of the past posed some problems when it came to fit and esthetics, but today’s dentures actually exceed expectations, according to a recent study.

Modern materials and advancements in the way dentures are made make it possible for patients to enjoy greater comfort, improved fit, and a natural appearance. Dr. Ken Cory understands both bite and jaw function, which impacts how dentures function.

Partial dentures replace some missing ...

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Monthly Drawing Winner!

Congratulations to this months winner. We always appreciate the support from all our patients! Thank you for referring people to our office. Don't forget to refer, you might be the next winner!

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Want to Save Money? Practice Prevention!

Preventative dentistry montrose co

With the cost of dental insurance constantly rising, you might want to explore a more effective form of dental insurance – preventive dentistry! You might think it sounds silly, but a small investment into maintaining your oral health is always more affordable than treating broken teeth or periodontal disease, or replacing missing teeth.

If you do have dental insurance, you will also notice that is designed for prevention, not treatment. Most preventive services have full coverage – often 100 percent – and they sometimes do not require the payment of a deductible. When getting into larger treatment, dental insurance is often closer than having a discount than it is to ...

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When It's Time to Treat a Dead Tooth

Dead Tooth Treatment | Montrose CO Dentist

When it comes to a dead tooth, it is important to know exactly what that means. The term “dead tooth” refers to a tooth where the nerve has died or been removed through root canal treatment.

A nerve dies when an infection or trauma occurs in the inner part of the tooth that houses the nerve. Once that happens, root canal treatment may be the only option to reduce discomfort and protect your health.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many people are fearful of root canal treatment, but there is no reason to be! Modern techniques and treatment options mean that you can actually enjoy a painless experience, even while ...

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Home Care for Kids in Light of New Research

Kids Dentistry | Dentist in Montrose CO

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for your teeth. We have known this for decades and as sugar became more prevalent in the modern diet, fluoride was added to our water in most municipalities to help save teeth. While most people will still have at least one instance of decay during their lifetimes, losing teeth due to decay alone is no longer so common. It is much more common to lose teeth to gum disease, which affects over half of American adults.

New research shows that the biofilm that causes decay causes much more damage when it binds to certain strains of yeast. This combination is particularly detrimental to teeth ...

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Monthly Winner!

Congratulations to this months winner. We always appreciate the support from all our patients! Thank you for referring people to our office. Don't forget to refer, you might be the next winner!

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Dental Implants in Montrose, CO

Are you missing teeth? Have you considered dental implants? At our Montrose, Co dental office we offer dental implants and implant crowns to replace missing teeth. 

I have spent many years and countless hours of continuing education to be able to place and restore dental implants. It is one of the most enjoyable aspects of dentistry for me. 

What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw bone. The bone heals around the implant and fuses with it. After a healing period, a crown is placed over the implant to mimic a natural tooth. 

Not only do I love placing implants, but I just ...

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