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Experiencing These Symptoms? A Root Canal Can Give You Relief

Root Canal Symptoms | Montrose CO Dentist

Tooth pain is alarming and dental emergencies can disrupt sleep, work, and weekend plans. Often, tooth pain begins with a dull ache that is easy to ignore and then suddenly, it’s apparent that a dentist needs to have a look.

We treat dental emergencies, including root canals, in our Montrose, CO dental office. While a comprehensive exam is necessary to determine the type of dentistry that will relieve your pain, certain symptoms point toward root canal treatment as a possibility.

Inflammation (Swelling) 

You might notice that your face, cheek, jaw, or gum tissue is visibly swollen or feels tight. Inflammation is a sign of infection. As you might be aware, having an ...

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When It's Time to Treat a Dead Tooth

Dead Tooth Treatment | Montrose CO Dentist

When it comes to a dead tooth, it is important to know exactly what that means. The term “dead tooth” refers to a tooth where the nerve has died or been removed through root canal treatment.

A nerve dies when an infection or trauma occurs in the inner part of the tooth that houses the nerve. Once that happens, root canal treatment may be the only option to reduce discomfort and protect your health.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Many people are fearful of root canal treatment, but there is no reason to be! Modern techniques and treatment options mean that you can actually enjoy a painless experience, even while ...

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